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It was only a matter of time before I realized that we live in an age of video watchers rather than book readers. This is why I switched from writing books to writing screenplays. But to see one of your scripts on the big screen requires depending on Hollywood agents and producers to make that a reality, which led to my next creative step -- learning how to film and edit my own material. I bought a Sony camcorder and downloaded the Adobe Premiere Pro film-editing software and, sporadically, began making modest music videos. I still have yet to produce a dramatic short film but that day is nigh. Below are all my videos, starting with the most recent and working back to the first.


This is my best video to date. I was given one month to prepare some entertainment for our Christmas Party -- 2019 -- and soon my ambition had me choreographing comic sketches among my co-workers, narrating  my own version of The Night Before Christmas and writing the lyrics to a parody of Little Drummer Boy. I hired the talented Jennifer Richards to sing the song and she gave a rousing performance. My co-worker, Gary Miller, donned a gorilla suit and showed why he is a born entertainer. The project forced me to up my editing skills, especially with audio tracks. Enjoy!


I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life, and spent ten years as a personal trainer in Boston, Philly and Denver. One of my favorite workouts is done at Red Rocks in Colorado. Here I demonstrate my routine accompanied by the music of  ACDC as covered by Folcore and (DE)TOUR. The camera work is a little shaky, as my two friends, Ryan and Gaauri Morrison, were gassed the whole time while following me around the stadium -- but still they were troopers, and I thank them for their help.


Katerina is Kathleen Malloy, or, better, my late fiancee, who died from A.L.S.. Here I both celebrate my wonderful lady and bring more awareness to the need for more A.L.S. research. This is more of a slide-show than a video, with many of the photos from when Kathleen was a professional model.


This video tracks my brother and me through fifty-plus years, multiple weight fluctuations, and not a few changes in address. You will note that, with age, we start to look more and more like twins. It is accompanied by the song Anticipation sung by YouTube star, Kathryn Hallberg. It is dedicated to our Mother who, at the time, was battling lymphoma and seeming to win the fight.



The original idea for this video was for my friend, Julie Miller, and I to make a commercial for her gym in Lakewood Colorado. We shot some quick scenes of her doing her exercise routine (and it is obvious that this was my first time using a camera), and afterward she spoke into a microphone the lines we had written for the potential ad. I put together an initial draft, but also collected the footage and her modeling photos to make this YouTube video with the song NOBODY BUT ME providing the beat. If the beautiful Julie doesn't inspire you to want to hit the gym, then good luck sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV.

I was visiting friends and family back in my hometown of Philadelphia when I brought my camcorder to my Uncle Gary's over-55 baseball league game. I had by now realized that my biggest mistake from the Julie video was that I had zoomed in on all the shots instead of giving myself the option of panning in and out using the editing software, which I corrected in this project. My second mistake had been not holding still the camera, only that was difficult to correct at the game. I could not set up a tripod being that I had to position myself all over the baseball sidelines and then quickly aim the lens whenever there was any action. Still GARY'S GAME DAY has proven to be quite popular, especially as it is accompanied by Springsteen's GLORY DAYS.


So there I was having a midlife crisis while stuck at a crap job in Denver when, lo and behold, I thought to me-self, "Self, it is time to write, direct and star in a rap video. All the kids are doing it. Why not you?" Here is the result:

My Son, Joshua

On September 1, 2021, my son, Joshua, died at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Here is my tribute video to him, accompanied by two of his favorite Johnny Cash songs, Walk the Line and Ring of Fire, both sung by Sophie Hanson.

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