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Hello, my name is James Johnson. I have the creative talent of a Leonardo Da Vinci – that is, if the painter of the Mona Lisa had decided to render the Last Supper while wearing gym shorts, and if he also had intermediate drawing skills and thus had to rely on the entire Adobe Suite to make a pretty picture.


Yes, I am proficient in Adobe Premier Pro (putting together and editing videos, even pulsating slide shows set to music, hence ready to post on YouTube), Photoshop (placing you in the company of any famous person, even an ancient one like Socrates, against any background, for example, the Grand Boulevard in the 1890s), and After Effects (creating elaborate motion and video graphics, ideal for commercial ads or for your vanity projects, especially for aspiring female models to use to advertise your work on Model Mayhem). On this site, there are plenty of examples of my Adobe projects.

But my primary talent is as a writer of movie scripts (see page), books (see page) and blogs (see page, page, page and page). Here I will – and with a straight, albeit lined, face -- compare myself to the Great Writers. I can even write copy advertising, which I can then combine with my Adobe Cloud skills to give to you a unique, eye-mesmerizing ad for your business that will leave potential customers longing to touch and consume your products.

I have a Biology Degree from UMass Boston. Therefore, I am more than capable of absorbing complex scientific and technical information and then producing a clear synthesis in the form of an essay/blog or a memo – or, if you're consumed with ambition, we could break out the Adobe After Effects and make a short educational video.


So if you want me to write for you a blog or a script or even a love sonnet; or to make you a short commercial or  fun music video using After Effects...go to my Fiverr Page.

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